John Singer Sargent's portrait of the (very sexy!) Lady Agnew. It's in the Scottish National Gallery.

Phil Jupitus:

"I wish I could remember the very first time I saw 'Lady Agnew of Lochnaw' by John Singer Sargent. If only so I could celebrate the anniversary. I can tell you how I felt, which was utterly overwhelmed. The longer I stood and looked at this painting, the longer I wanted to stay. From the lightness of stroke, to the vague golden oriental characters on the curtain behind her, to the pendant she wears, to the purple sash about her waist, to her eyes and then her left arm. As the young people would have it O. M. G. her left arm!

This pattern began to repeat itself, I couldn't visit Edinburgh and not come to see her. Even if it was only for a few minutes, just to say hello. A few years ago she was moved from her usual spot. And I freaked out. I scurried round and found an attendant, "Where's Lady Agnew?" I blurted in a manner that was borderline panicky. The long-suffering staff member recognised the fever in my eyes, smiled, arched her eyebrows, looked over her glasses and said "Oh... you mean the hussy?"."


I quite like this selfie, that was post-processed in one of those 'artifying' apps


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