Bea Groves-McDaniel

          "It's noice in 'ere, innit?"

          Julia Charlton yes. Great without the ads

          Bea Groves-McDaniel I like Janet's extended blogging, and dropping in to see what might ir might not be going on. Quiet for now of course, but I'm hoping traffic will increase as recruitment grows.

          Microsoft Teams is the devil's work. The worst possible video conferencing solution one could imagine. SO ruddy frustrating and prone to errors!! Aaaaaaaaargh!!

          Julia Charlton I have just downloaded Teams for use as a charity trustee since some essential meetings are only held on Teams. Now I am worried.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel If it's for work (i.e. meetings) then it's fine -- because that's what it was designed for. But trying to teach 16 students with it is a pain. There are no break-out rooms, sharing screens is flakey, and you can only see nine or ten people at one time on screen.

          Julia Charlton can't seem to get it working. It is downloaded (icon on my desktop) but says I am not 'on' it - when I try to log in to microsoft it doesn't recognise me......the chalenges of technology for someone over 60 is sometimes mightily frustrating.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel You need an account to access anything within Teams... which probably means this needs assigning to you from the 'work' end of things. I would suggest getting back to them and making sure they've set up your account credentials correctly. With Microsoft, it's easy to mess up!

          Quite a good session on Sissela Bok today.Caused much agitation on the topic of lying in public life.

          Julia Charlton we are living it!

          Considering both BI and GT are examining Frantz Fanon at the moment, it would seem useful to have a look at this video all about 'End of Empire'. Fascinating in what it doesn't say as much as what it does.

          Part 2 of my complete reading of Dickens' novella is now finished and ready to hear. Slightly better sound, and less stumbling over the reading this time. I get a bit better each chapter ;-)

          New material now up at the WEA Padlet:

          Just a reminder: if you want an account with any of the facilities in the menu in the left, just drop me a comment below saying which one you want and I'll set things up.

          Beth Ford's just signed up. Yay!

          Beth Ford Awww, thanks Bea 🙂

          Added the Airsonic music player system to the site. See the new 'music' symbol on the left. You'll need an account. As always: just let me know.

          Here's a little bit of news I haven't released on Facebook. I have an interview for a rather well-paid job on Tuesday. It;s rather hifalutin as jobs go, and I don't think I have much chance. But I'm just pleased to get as far as the interview stage.

          (NB: I tend not to talk about job applications on FB nowadays because it's a blow to my moral when I don't succeed. But here? Well, I'm with friends!)

          Julia Charlton best wishes

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Ta Julia! See you later today.

          Janet Graham-Russell Ooh. Will you do philosophy classes in your off time?

          Janet Graham-Russell Yeah, I'm selfish. Make something of it.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel I was just telling Julia that I want to retain my WEA courses as far as is possible. I'll work something out...