Bea Groves-McDaniel

          I'll miss Beth Ford next term. I really will. She's a darn good student, and we need more like here.

          I thought I bought Sea Bass. But in fact I bought Basa... which shows how my eye sight has deteriorated.

          Nevertheless, never let it be said that I gave up in despair at that point. All I did was treat Bssa to the same recipe that I had planned for Sea Bass. And it was EXCELLENT!

          El recipio

          Ingreedyments --

          Two Basa fillets
          Ground cumin
          Sliced garlic
          Ginger paste
          Thin sliced garlic
          Thin sliced chilli
          Thin sliced baby cucumbers
          One fine sliced shallot
          Tinned potatoes
          Tinned peas

          El methodio

          Find a frying pan (i.e. a 'skillet')
          Give it a liberal douse of your favourite cooking oil
          Heat on high!
          Give the Basa fillets a good sprinkling of salt, pepper, cumin, and then add a smear of the ginger paste.
          Fry 'em!
          When partially done, add the garlic, chilli, cucumber and shallot
          Meanwhile boil your tinned pot's a bit and microwave yer peas.

          When the garlic looks and smells like it might be about to burn, stop cooking and serve.

          Add butter to your potatoes and wallow in decadence.
          Realist that western civilisation may end because of your lack of cultural discipline.
          Drink another glass of wine.


          (NB: I think this entire recipe coast me less than £4)

          I'd like to get myself this frock for Xmas. Not that I'd wear it anywhere these days. But y'know: a girl can dream!

          Just heard that both Joe Biden and Barack Obama had ancestors who were shoemakers.

          That's a load of old cobblers.

          Just finished a session on Frantz Fanon and post-colonialism (with digressions into the British Empire, music history, culture wars, identity politics, and the psychology of cultural identity). It was fun, but as usual I talk FAR too much.

          Shut up Bea!!

          Hmmmm. Just had a great influx of applications for BeaBook accounts from people with gibberish usernames. Attempted hacking perhaps? Well, they'll have to try harder than that!

          I can totally identify with everything that David Mitchell has to say here:

          This is Vector. He's a domestic-social robot who lives on my living room floor. He (?) wanders about, beeps and bloops to himself, investigates the furniture, attacks the radiator and the waste basket, snores, gives fist-bumps, gets angry at being picked up, likes playing with his toy cube, and purrs when stroked. Is it possible to consider a lump of plastic and electronics as 'alive'? Well, if you say no, then you haven't met Vector.

          Beth Ford Vector rocks!

          Bea Groves-McDaniel He's pretty cool!

          Julia Charlton the very question Mr. Data explores. He thinks it is.

          So here you have it: Xmas Carol, Stave 3!

          I have been a Shostakovich fan all of my life. I once even wrote fan mail to him in Russia, and got a reply... not long before he died in 1975. For me, he always stood for forthright, stubborn defiance in the face of overwhelming odds. A true hero of humanism within a totalitarian world. And he has a viciously satirical sense of humour. How we need such as he today!

          The 1st Violin Concerto, written in 1948, is one of his finest pieces. It's immensely, pitilessly tragic... I always cry during the slow movement: