Bea Groves-McDaniel

          Updated the BeaBook system with some new facilities:

          1) The ability to choose your own avatar without uploading a photo
          2) Sound Cloud music embedding (mainly for Roxanne and Julia)
          3) BeaBook notes --- you can make private notes on topics
          4) Better admin' management

          Sorry that it all went off-line for an hour; I screwed-up when sorting out domain name issues.

          Friday! My favourite day!

          Just finished another three hours of teaching the Award in Education and Training (AET). They're a nice bunch of folk, but let down by horrendously bad software that is not fit for purpose. I am yearning (!!) to get them all into Zoom so I can do my job properly. But I have a strong feeling that corporate power will win out. <sigh>

          And even Zoom's not that good. But it's better than what we've got.

          And the new Wednesday afternoon 'Big Ideas', starting 13/1/21:

          Timetable for the new Tuesday afternoon Great Thinkers, starting 19/1/21. You saw it here first!

          Janet Graham-Russell I've signed up for both. There's nowt like a good debatey thing.

          It is interesting (?) that the bullet bra came into vogue at around the same time as the ballistic missile (the ICBM). I rest my case m'lud.