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          The new chapter of Dickens' Christmas Carol is now recorded. Here's Stave four:

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          Julia Charlton thanks for developing all these extra features

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          The KEY feature of transgender angst arises from something that is very often forgotten: that language BETRAYS you!

          By that I mean all those words we end up using (she, her, he, him, woman, girl, man, boy, female, etc.) were all enslaved to meaning by the majority cis-population. "Meaning is use" sayeth Wittgenstein. And guess who gets to define (via usage) what these words are supposed to mean?

          So it's very (very!) easy to end up persecuting oneself by using terms that set the bar of gender conformity way beyond one's psychological reach.

          The language betrays you. Don't let it!

          OK. BeaRadio is now operating once again. I'm playing music via it, so I know it works with yer average web browser. About 7000 - 10,000 tracks available. Please ask for an account and I'll set one up for you.

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          A recommendation.

          If you're like me and have multiple email accounts for different purposes or employers, then instead of having to login to each one in turn to find out if there's new mail, use Thunderbird instead. It's a free email client programme that can be set up for many popular email systems (Gmail, GMX, Vivaldi, Hotmail, MS Teams, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) and therefore receive all your email in one place at the same time. See my screen grab below. Thunderbird comes from the same people who made Firefox, and is available here:

          Julia Charlton very helpful, thanks

          Julia Charlton I think WEA are gong to give everyone a WEA email account soon, so this will be very useful.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Yup. otherwise it's yet one more login I'll forget!

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          From FB:


          Whilst a few are getting annoyed at the fact that they can't have their turkey and gravy with their nearest and dearest this year, I find a lot of people who are grieving because of the loss of loved ones over the last eight months.

          It doesn't really matter whether this was because of Covid or not. Though for many it was. What matters is the fear of dealing with a 'Festive' season that has no real reason to exist in the light of death and mourning that many have to endure.

          I have felt this. Not this year, but back in 2013. I know (at least partially) how it feels.

          Please remember this.

          I will, when I put up our tree and think about my wife, so far away. It's not death; but it feels a little like it on the very bad days.

          Think about all those who will not have a Christmas with anything like laughter. They have lost people. They will be alone, and more alone than ever before.

          Try to help. Be patient and give your attention. And rather than just pontificate on the matter, I'll give a promise now: if you're alone and need someone to be a listening ear, you can always message me..

          Stay well and stay safe.