Julia Charlton

          Grey and cold today, but 3 new buds just showing on my very old rose bushes. Joy! Birds in the garden enjoying seed, fat balls, meal worms, berries on the holly bush. Joy! All but one Christmas present bought, wrapped and labelled. Christmas food delivery ordered. Lockdown has some positives - it has allowed me to get ahead on organising things so I can begin to write a new course for delivery in January. 😆

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Well, it looks like (??) the WEA has finally got it's rear in gear to make the course a reality. Who woulda thunk it? Seriously though, the WEA's top-heavy bureaucracy grinds exceeding slow, but eventually grinds exceeding fine. It just takes a LOT of persistence and patience.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Oh, and I don't have a garden (we do have a communal garden area, but my bit is mainly patio), but I do have cacti, which I love. They are such curious creatures!

          quite cold outside today, but no rain, so I got the galic planted! Feeling satisfied with another garden task completed. Nearly ready to enjoy the coming spring 😄

          so my local area is now in teir 3. Can't see a real difference from this last quasi-lockdown really.

          so the weather today started out quite nice, but as soon as I went into the garden to plant the garlic (quite a long job sometimes) it clouded over. Now I don't feel like doing it! What makes us procrastinate can be something quite small - if we are looking for an excuse. 😆

          Bea Groves-McDaniel My life in a nutshell!

          Has anyone else had difficulty buying bacon? Three times I have ordered it from Morrisons with a home delivery and none came even though it shows as available on the website. Is it because it comes form Denmark and no Danish lorries are allowed into UK at the moment due to covid in mink?

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Haven't seen any issues at my end. I was in Aldi the other day buying my usual stock of streaky (an American habit I picked up), and there was plenty as far as I could see. Could be just a Morri' thing?

          my husband's latest composition :

          Bea Groves-McDaniel I love it!! (I'm sure Roxanne would to) :-)

          Julia Charlton thank you. He is quite talented. More on sound cloud

          Bea Groves-McDaniel I noted!

          about to do another zoom meeting. It is getting to be nearly every day, and conisdering I am not really working at the moment it is a bit strange isn't it? Hope the wifi keeps up. it has been a bit unreliable recently.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel I'm currently on Teams on Mon/Thurs nights. Zoom on Tues/Wed afternoons, and see my missus on Facetime on Saturday. She also calls me occasionally on FB Messenger. All I need is Skype and I'll have the full set!

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Oh, an has anyone ever tried Jitsi? See BeaMeet on the left.

          going to be cold tomorrow.....snow on the hills. It has been very mild up to now.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel I quite like the cold days. Especially snuggling down in bed. Reminds me of my early youth when I'd wake in the morning to frost patterns on the bedroom window.

          duck breast for dinner (all fat removed) Potato or rice with it?

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Pot's I think!

          Julia Charlton yes, made boiled pots

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Ooooooo! I made a darn good duck-with-honey-and-soy a while back.

          wondering about a new job for me now Bea has mentioned it. WEA is an ethos I support - but not regular or reliable work I'm afraid.

          Bea Groves-McDaniel Yeah. I've been doing the WEA thing for well over 35 years. Repeating contracts all the way. It isn't exactly riches or safely permanent. You'd think by now they'd have realised I'm not going away?