Terms and Conditions

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2. Bea Groves-McDaniel is the final arbiter of ALL disputes within this website! This is not a democracy! She is Benevolent Dictator for Life, and brooks no argument or defiance. Anyone breaching the guidelines on this page may be subject to ejection, account removal, blocking, or summary exile to the Pnantom Zone. Please be aware: my vengance is sure and my reach is long!

3. You are FREE to use your account for whatever you wish provided it does not breacn the law, decency, good taste, or frighten the horses.

4. Play well with each other, and be nice!

5. Patience is a virtue, especially with the webmistress.

6. I may refuse you an account for any reason I deem sensible.

7. You understand that this site may be down for maintenance on occasions. Be patient.

8. Bigotry, stereotyping, prejudice and phobic behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

9. These terms and conditions may be amended or extended as circumstances demand

10.  A final commandment, just for completeness.

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