Blinded by the Lingo

Sometime I think we are blinded by the language we use. We spend so much time trying to be ‘women’ or ‘men’ that we forget to be human first, and especially to be the best kind of person we can be. I don’t mean simply being ‘good’. That’s another misleading word! Who defines what ‘good’ is? Yet again, clearly I should feel ‘aspirational’. ‘entrepreneurial’, and ‘hard-working’ (… and maybe part of a ‘family’ of that type!), but I feel coercively blackmailed by these words. The more I adhere to them, the less free I feel and the less able to be myself. In fact, the more enslaved I am.

Authenticity, I suppose, lies primarily in being able to autonomously define yourself in the light of the world you live in. It’s not about just doing whatever you like, but being able to think through ones choices in a rational fashion. Too often we’re shanghaied by weasel-words and end up in thrall to them, without even knowing why.

Do I want to be ‘free’? Yes, but not on Mr Cameron or the EU’s terms. Do I want to be a ‘woman’? Of course, but not based on the restricted exigencies of the NHS or via the definitions established by popular cultural stereotypes. In fact the words ‘want to be a woman’ seem completely irrational to me. Like Yoda, one does or one does not… there is no ‘want.