Keeping ‘MEN’ out of our WOMEN-ONLY spaces

If you want to protect “Women-only spaces” then you’re going yo have to find some very secure criteria/methodology to do so.

When I turn up at your feminist meeting, your refuge, your toilet, or your changing room, how exactly are you going to be SURE that I am who you THINK I am? If you’re not sure, how do you decide? If you make a mistake, what would the consequences be?

Do I have to present a certificate? A reference from my GP? Give you a quick flash of my genitals? Show my genetic profile? Let you feel my boobs? Does that all sound comically absurd? What if I pass all your tests, and still have a male past?

If not any of the above, then how are you going to police your proposal? Is it going to be about a assumption? Does that not conflict with the usual concept of presumption of innocence under law? Or do you not care about that?

Do you not care about the accuracy of your beliefs? Or even their practicality? Will you exclude somebody because they have a deep voice? Broad shoulders? Dress in a way that’s not to your liking?

Or is it that your “protection” only excludes me if I have not undergone any bodily ‘neutering’? In other words, will you let me in if I’ve had an orchidectomy? Am sexually ‘incapacitated’ due to hormone therapy? Both? To what extent? And again: how will you know?

Will you apply your criteria of inclusion only to those women who ‘look like’ women? And who determines what that might be? What does ‘looking like a woman’ mean to you?

Suppose a transgender woman looks more like “a woman” (by your own criteria) than you do?

Or maybe you want to exclude only those who have no female history? Apart from asking, yet again, how would you know one way or another, could I also ask what you do about a person with male genetics but who has lived in a female role all their life? By what criteria do you decide what a “female history” might be?

I can imagine this idiocy changing the lives of EVERY woman in the UK in very unexpected ways. All to pander to the paranoid lunacies of a small minority.