International Women’s Day

I sometimes wonder about the relationship that transwomen (or let me put it another way: those women who were not born to the binary-based female role) have with events such as International Women’s Day? Do we feel solidarity with our born-to-role sisters? Do we feel welcomed? Or is there a little uncertainty about it all… a certain tentative sense of being on the fringes of things and not ‘normalised’ to the kind of discourse that such events produce.

I’m not sure. But I think not being sure is probably a healthy thing. I don’t want to wander naively through my life feeling that I’m casually welcome absolutely everywhere. I know that the law is (largely) on my side in this matter, but that’s irrelevant when it comes to the actual social interactions one experiences every day.

Yes, I am delighted to wish all my female friends, colleagues, acquaintances, students, etc. a very glorious IWD… but I know the limits imposed by my history. Yesterday does matter; I value my male past as much as my female present. Hence I am *different*, and I know that this is an inescapable fact of my life.

Good wishes to you today. And good wishes too to all my splendid transgender friends.