Daily Archives: 23rd September 2020

Websites I can’t mention on Facebook

I’m all for privacy and ‘net security, but sometimes it gets in the way of just passing on news about new projects and creativity I get up to in the field of media and software.

So here’s a post at my blog to tell you about things that Facebook has ‘banned’ for some reason — namely any Internet link that comes from a No-ip or Dynu website. I happen to use both of these free URL redirection systems for my own (completely innocent) purposes.

I’ve started creating my own private host: it’s an old-but-functional laptop hooked up to my Internet and running server software. I’ve added some web facilities to it, only for the use of students, friends and family at present. For the present, these include:

My new Media site, where I post copies of my self-made videos, and especially those that are too big or too complex for YouTube. It’s here:

Bea’s Media

Also, my new ‘Mattermost’ chat facility

Bea’s Chat

… and finally, my own alternative to Netflix:



Use by those who are NOT family OR friends OR a student of mine is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

Also: the systems above may well go off-line for maintenance from time to time, and they will be SLOW… as the machine that’s hosting the software is rather an old one.

But hey… not bad for an ol’ girl eh?

If you want an account with one of the above facilities, then you need to get in touch with me via Facebook. I’m here:

Beas Facebook account