Monthly Archives: October 2016


  • You can only change if you recognise there is a problem in the firstĀ  place.
  • The problem with fact is that is inevitably subject to interpretation.
  • Our actions and attitudes to the world are rooted in the protection of our fears. It seems to me one must grow beyond one’s fears in order to be truly free.
  • I can talk and write until I’m blue in the face, and nothing seems to make a difference. So, I have to live a life instead of just talking about it. That’s why being authentic can be so hellishly difficult.
  • It’s strange to think that religion cannot really dictate to me how I live my life. In effect, it can only suggest. This is ironic (even blackly comical!) considering the importance of the issues all religions emphasise. Possibly this is why so much religious fundamentalism exists: a panacea for a story that is losing its charm.
  • Our values are socially constructed. At the end, you can warm your hands just as well on a burning Botticelli as you can on a lump of coal.


We start off depending totally on others.
Then we wait for others to tell us what we are and how we should be.
Then we imitate others in a an effort to see how we might fit in.
Then, if we’re lucky.
Very lucky.
We might discover that we were ourselves all along.