Monthly Archives: October 2015

War is Peace

I see a picture.

We will fight our enemies throughout the world forever. ISIS/Daesh will never be defeated. Al Quaeda will never be overcome. They will haunt us all as unseen enemies, always threatening, always present, always about to strike. Occasionally there will be a serious atrocity to remind us of this fact.

We will bleed ourselves dry economically fighting ever more pointless and bloody wars, somewhere distant in the boundary territories between power-alignments. They will go on, and on, costing a fortune in equipment and people. The costs will escalate, but always be seen as ‘essential to our survival’ irrespective of how effective they are. The wars will cause permanent austerity, and a steep downward decline in living standards. But no one will complain; to do so would be ‘unpatriotic’. Meanwhile we vote in the governments that continue the wars.

All through this the media will trumpet about the ever-present need to defend ‘British Values’, and seek out and blacken those who disagree. Public character assassination will become common place. The dissenters treated as either insane or just plain deluded. Perhaps we will even ‘frame’ and lock up one or two, just to encourage the others a little.

Our enemies will change every so often, but no one will notice the difference or the change. Today the Taliban, tomorrow the Pakistanis, then afterwards the Russians, or the Chinese, or Muslims in general, or Eastern Europeans, or Black Africans, or… but who cares? All we need is an enemy, and it doesn’t matter who it is.

There it is. The Future is a boot stamping on a human face: forever.